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Grammar and style  <br>  correction

Grammar and style

We review and correct your original manuscripts’ and technical texts’ grammar. As a result, the reader will receive a literary work free of spelling, grammatical, and syntax errors, adding prestige and elegance to your book. Furthermore, our experience enables us to provide you with an editing service for literary and technical content using Spanish perfectly. We also work on deep and complex edits.
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Literary <br>advice


We partner with you throughout the creative process, from idea conception until you fulfill the dream of having the book in your and your reader’s hands.
The result of walking this path together is to structure your book, divide it into chapters, think about its title, define the argument and the plot, create characters, ideate scenes, imagine the ending and the ways to achieve it, always making sure to lay eyes on creating a magical and perfect work.
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Layout and <br> design

Layout and

The manuscript verified by the author, editor and proofreader will be appealingly laid out to add visual value to the work.
With this service, we prepare your manuscript so that you can publish it in printed format (paperback) and/or in digital format (e-Book).
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We advise you on publication options, so your book reaches different markets worldwide.
We publish your book on one or more digital distribution platforms, such as Amazon Kindle, IngramSpark, Lulu, Wattpad, and others.
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Literary Events <br>and Coordination

Literary Events
and Coordination

Launching your book will become an important event for you, your family, and your friends. After presenting it to the public, you will journey into a path of satisfaction, learning, new challenges, presentations, editorial life, constructing literary networks, and success.
With this service, we will support you in the following ways:
-Coordinate your book launch..
-Coordinate literary events.
- Arranging interviews with the media.
- Creating proposals for network expansion in literary networks.
-Arrange registration to participate in book fairs and national and international literature contests.
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Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and Promotion

We plan digital marketing and promotion campaigns on social media, from the early stages to publishing your book.
We add testimonials and messages from your readers, literary critics, and close acquaintances on your social media networks.
We schedule interviews with the media.
With all these actions, we help you launch your product to the literary market powerfully and consistently.


Turn your book or literary project into a professionally-recorded listening product, ensuring that it reaches not only the people holding your book in their hands, but also those who listening to it. .
We produce and create an audio version of your book for publishing on digital distribution platforms.


We write, as you, under your authorship, your ideas, books, stories, articles, novels, or speeches. We are professional writers to whom you can entrust your editorial project.
We write in partnerships, interpreting your feelings, thoughts, and work’s vision to give life to a literary piece that reflects your ideas.
Together, we build the complete story; we define the plot, the argument, the context, the settings, the characters, and your work’s beginning and end.


We translate your literary works and/or technical books from English to Spanish.
We are professionals committed to using language correctly, which is why this service guarantees that your work has a faithful literary translation from its original version.
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We have a team of professionals: writers, linguists, translators, proofreaders, journalists, graphic arts experts, graphic design, and editorial designers.

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We have many years of experience in the editorial field, which is why we guarantee the quality of our services.