Our experts

Our professional team consists of writers, linguists, translators, proofreaders, journalists, newspaper editors, broadcasters, graphic arts specialists, graphic design, editorial design, and digital marketing.


We produce literary and creative writing content such as novels, short stories, books, poetry, plays, screenplays, essays, corporate reports, magazine articles, book descriptions, invitations, and concept writing for newsletters, blogs, and social media.


We respect the Spanish language’s morphology, semantics, and syntax, offering linguistic advice to build, in a free and creative way, correct sentences and precise grammatical expressions that give life to well-written texts.


One of our advantages is that we have bilingual professionals born in Latin American countries and grew up academically in the United States. In effect, they understand both cultures and are empathetic to clients' needs, depending on the audience they need to address.

Style editors

No computer can control a manuscript’s style and meaning. We solve writing problems that arise from the inconvenient and incorrect use of the language, and we actively participate in the planning, preparing, and final revision of books and corporate texts.


We research, analyze, interpret and share information through communication (newspapers, television, radio, and social media). We are connected to the newspaper La Conexión USA, in North Carolina. We have also created a media community in the United States and Latin America, with whom we can share press releases, schedule interviews, and coordinate literary and corporate events coverage.


We provide voice-overs and are internationally certified. We can record corporate and commercial audiobooks and audio texts. We can emcee/host audiovisual spaces and be emcees or presenters at literary and corporate events.


A good manuscript deserves to be welldesigned. Our groups of creatives specialize in graphic arts, graphic design, editorial design, and digital marketing. They convey a message or idea through visual communication, creating cover images, inside pages, illustrations, and other graphic elements.